XP Tally and Level Up info

Experience Point Totals per PC

XP from Creatures Encountered: 286.25
XP from Coinage and Sold Loot: 472.50
XP from role-playing: 1240
XP from quests: 100 (return Joseph to Leskin)
XP from quests: 50 (give vial of fountain water to Garesh)
XP from quests: 25 (clear guardhouse of rat infestation)
Individual RPing XP rewards:
Waldrick: 475
Barick: 375
Ralpheo: 450
Ashvact: 350

Waldrick the Evoker: 2648.75
Barick the Warrior: 2548.75
Ralpheo the Adept: 2623.75
Ashvact the Cutpurse: 2523.75

Fighter level 3 at 4001, XP needed = 1452.25 to become a Swordsman

Rogue level 4 at 6001, XP needed = 3477.25 to become a Robber

Wizard level 3 at 5201, XP needed = 2552.25 to become a Conjurer

Cleric level 3 at 5001, XP needed = 2377.25 to become a Priest

XP Tally and Level Up info

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