Races of Ruboryn

Race Relations in Ruboryn

1. Human
Humans are a proud race in Ruboryn, and men and women from all human nations fought valiantly in the Plague War. They are often revered as wise and honorable by the civilized races. Their overall population has seen the biggest increase of any other race, making them the most common race on the planet. They can be found in almost every area of the known world, though in much smaller numbers since the Plague War.

2. Dwarf
Dwarves in Ruboryn are an old race. They are rather secluded and prefer to remain insular. They are typically mountain folk, but can be seen in other areas occasionally. Rumors of a dark-skinned race of dwarves that live deep in the earth are often told by those that are bigoted against the Dwarven folk. These dark skinned ones took part in the Plague War; some Dwarven scholars say they came to the surface to fight against the elementals, but others say that is untrue. Of late, a once forgotten war between Dwarves and Half-Orcs has re-ignited. The ancient hatred of these two races toward each other was put aside during the Plague War, but recent unrest seems to indicate a resurgence of animosity. Common Dwarves will not abide by the presence of a Half-Orc in their lands or establishments and the feeling is mutual. Many of the civilized races, when forced to decide, choose to side with the Dwarves.

3. Elf and 4. Half-Elf
There is much animosity between these two races. The Half-Elves, though descended from the pairing of a human male and elven female, believe they are the greater race because they have none of the physical fragility of elves and they inherited the ingenuity of humans. The Elves consider the Half-Elves a tainted race and believe themselves above the baser hubris and hedonistic behavior of Half-Elves. The Elves suffered great losses during the Plague War, resulting in many more Half-Elves than Elves in the world now, but there are still a fair number of Elves.

5. Gnome
Gnomes struggle with the stigma of being forced into slavery by the Demon Lord Curras. They were once abundant in the world, but their population was devastated during the Plague War and they are having a hard time recovering. Though they were pushed/forced into the service of the Demon, many people believe they wanted to serve him, and so the gnomes, as a race, are actively shunned. During the Plague War, many of the demons came to the surface in the form of gnomes, lending credence to the gnome haters. (Note: the demons came to the surface in the guise of all of the races, but only the gnomes have been treated badly because of it – their history plays a large part in this)

6. Halfling
Halflings are generally thought to be created by the crossbreeding of dwarves and humans. It is only recently that they have been considered their own race. This is due to Magus Moran, a powerful Halfling wizard called upon by Pynder to help banish the Demon Lord Curras and end the first plague War. Moran’s brave deeds ended in his death, but he is revered by all Halflings and has brought favor to their race. They are slowly becoming more common among the civilized folk.

7. Half-Orc
Half-Orcs are descended from the pairing of a male Dwarf and female Orc, though neither race will admit it is so. Half-Orcs have a couple of areas of high population density, but the frozen area far to the southwest of Donir is the ancestral home of the ‘civilized’ orcs (as opposed to the ‘lower’ orcs). Their capital is Rovmescht, which lies in the southern wastes of Krevischt, but they have proliferated throughout the rest of the world and have a thriving navy. Half-Orcs have a bad reputation as pirates and brigands, but several nations conduct trade with them (though they will not admit it on the record). Though they have a poor reputation among common folk, many seafarers know the Half-Orcs as skilled navigators and excellent sailors. Just as Dwarves will not abide by the presence of a Half-Orc, the Half-Orcs have a similar feeling regarding Dwarves – it is exceedingly uncommon to see a Dwarf and Half-Orc in the same room (though there are exceptions, but most common folk would not believe it so).

Races of Ruboryn

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