NPCs of Trastenfen

This page will have information about the people with whom you have interacted in Trastenfen. (in alphabetical order)

Acolytes of the Abbey of Straben

Ralpheo met two of these. One was bright and informative, though he seemed nervous and unsure of some of the church’s recent decisions. The other one was a bit dim , or perhaps shifty – he tried to provide Ralpheo with 3 ounce vials instead of quart containers when he purchased holy water from the rectory.


A middle-aged woman, referred to the group by Fliban, who provided Ashvact with several potions in return for some ginseng and blackthorn leaves, and an owed favor.

Almon, Curate of the Abbey of Straben

A fatherly official of the abbey who speaks to Ralpheo like a true mentor. He gives advice about dealing with people in the church and also hints that he himself is trying to change the way certain services are provided by the Abbey in Trastenfen. Ralpheo sees Almon as a true leader in the church.


Andy is the son of one of the fishermen in the fishing-hut-village. His sister is the child who saw ‘walking bones’ down by the guardhouse. Andy says that he saw the guardhouse burn with big big flames. He said the guards set it on fire. He also mentioned that he sees ghosts all the time.


Fliban told Waldrick that a young girl, Annabelle, was bitten by a very large rat when she was near the old guard post beyond the fishing huts. That is supposedly why the post was burned down – to rid it of the large rat infestation. While walking past the fishing huts, Barick overheard a young girl talking about walking bones near where Annabelle was bitten.

Arren Family Trading Group

The Arren family is a prominent merchant family that has control of this trading region. They do not use blood-related family members exclusively (as the Maestrum family does) and so is a trading group/conglomerate rather than a merchant family. Tolvar acts as the representative in matters of trade importance in the region.

Bradbert Crandel

The owner of a locally famous (and well hidden) gambling den near Trastenfen. His partner came to invite Waldrick and the rest of the group to a night of fun and possibly profitable gambling at Crandel’s Den.

Captain Kisto

Fliban told Waldrick to seek out Captain Kisto if he wanted to ensure safe passage of goods and passengers. He stays at the Tavern of the West Wind.

Delcar and Reswold

These two humans own a shop and distillery in town. they sent the group out to find and retrieve some rare herbs from the Kelman Woods. It was during this outing that Ashvact and Barick saved Ralpheo from a very large snake.


Dirril is a farmer who is extremely happy with his place in the town and finds the church helpful and just. He is a pious man who feels he and his family have earned the favor of the church, even if they do not make their living from the sea itself, as the fishermen do. Dirril is a likable fellow and seems as honest as they come.


Falco is the dwarf who owns the popular tavern (Falco’s) in which the PCs are residing while in Trastenfen. He is grumpy and hard to get along with, but he has taken a liking to Barick.

Father Horaig

The priest at the Temple of Straben who could perform cure disease on Ralpheo. The cost would be 350 gp per ritual. Horaig also offered to perform the ritual if Ralpheo agreed to perform a service for the church. He offered 3000 gp for the group to deliver a package to an area on the mainland that was at least 2 weeks away even if traveling swiftly.


Fliban is a mage who works for Pelltar, the Baron’s advisor (who is also a mage). Fliban is condescending, rude, haughty, arrogant, and generally unpleasant to be near. Somehow Waldrick was able to get information out of him that seems helpful.


Gap is Falco’s human assistant. He tends the bar when Falco is away or busy with other duties.

Garesh the Blacksmith

Garesh is the town smithy. He took a liking to Barick and even joked with him about his name (“If your name is Grimhammer, why are you using an axe?”) after Barick joked that his current weapon “Just isn’t cutting it!” He took an order on commission assured Barick that the new axe will be the finest he has seen.


Gomid is a fisherman who’s family has fallen on hard times. Even so, he seems relatively upbeat, explaining how the catch is not as good in recent months and there are lots of dangerous shipwrecks. He explains that Straben must be angry and that he and his brothers, who now fish together since two of their boats were wrecked, are doing everything they can to regain the good graces of Straben, Lord of the Sea and Master of Waves.


Author of a note to Pelltar that was found by Waldrick. The note speaks of a powerful artifact somewhere in the ground. Fliban believes the note is a reference to the old ruins on Pale Hill.


Grimvock is a half-orc who lives in the area. He has a reputation for being quick to anger. A few days ago he was seen outside Falco’s Tavern fighting with the town guard. Supposedly he killed one of the guards, but then a witness reported seeing the ‘dead’ guard walking around down near the fishing village. Grimvock hasn’t been seen in several days.

Izera, Tolmuk, and Odran

Three men from fishtown who are willing to be hired out as mercenary swords. They need the money and have a slight bit of fighting experience. They are all part of the standing militia and so have had basic training.


Chief adviser to the Baron and boss to Fliban. He is, apparently, a wealthy and powerful mage.

Pelo the Fletcher

Pelo is the town fletcher. He hand crafts several different types of arrows for use with different style bows and for different purposed. Pelo has no assistants or apprentices in his shop – he does all the work himself. his house is wooden with stone reinforcements and appears well taken care of. Pelo is the brother of Perk the Bowyer.

Perk the Bowyer

Perk is the town bowyer. He hand crafts several different types of bows made specifically to fit the size and body type of the archer. Even though his un-reinforced wooden shop/house seems to be falling down around him, he has a veritable museum of finely crafted bows on display inside the building. Like his brother Pelo, Perk keeps no assistants or apprentices in his shop – he does all the work himself. Perk is the brother of Pelo the Fletcher. Perk made no secret of the fact that he speaks Elven and respects Elven craftsmanship (at least to Ashvact).


Selmo is an Adept in the Abbey of Straben. He talked with Ralpheo and seemed very narrow-minded. He extolled the virtues of letting the fishermen suffer because they were not tithing the proper amount or paying enough duty to the church. He said it was the will of Straben for them to be punished and implied that something bad would happen if anyone went against the will of Straben.

Tolvar the Tailor

Tolvar is the Arren Family representative in Trastenfen and for the greater Gormer Chain Region. He is also the town tailor and owns/runs a busy shop that caters to high end ceremonial garments. He is the brother of Volcifar. Tovar appears to be a shrewd and pragmatic businessman with an eye toward the things that benefit himself the most.


Verely is a wealthy merchant who, none-the-less, doesn’t seem arrogant. He tells of the vast holdings he has and how Straben has smiled upon him and his family. He owns 2 warehouses in town and lets the fishermen use one of them as a drydock, for free, whenever they need to repair their ships. By all accounts, he is pleasant and seems to follow the path of Straben.

Volcifar the Fisher

Volcifar is a shadowy figure who lives in a small fishing hut. He wears nice leather goods and seems to have abilities greater than a fisherman, but his talents are held close. He gave Ashvact good advice regarding the local thieves guild. His wife makes horrible stew.

NPCs of Trastenfen

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