Deities of Ruboryn

Major Deities

Nedenoe (Ned-E-no-E)
Bringer of light and creator of the world
Alignment: good
Symbol: A cross with an upside-down triangle in the intersection and rays of light enhancing it from behind.
Domains: creation, earth, hope, life
When Nedenoe discovered her powers of creation, she invited all of the primordial ones to witness the act. She loves her creation (Ruboryn), which she named after her chosen Winged-One (see below), who was struck down by Dalboor and Sefft in an unbalanced battle. Nedenoe is worshipped by those who wish to pay homage and thank her for her creation (giving them life); she is also thought of as the goddess of the harvest and of fertility (the one that brings life to the world).

Dalboor (Doll-boo-er)
Brother of Nedenoe and keeper of the dark
Alignment: evil
Symbol: A lightening bolt
Domains: darkness, death, destruction, tyranny, war
Legend has it that Dalboor, who was present at the creation event, became jealous of his sister’s success. He vowed to make Nedenoe know darkness, and he brings it to her in the form of scourge upon her beloved creation. Sefft, though a god in his own right, acts as Dalboor’s second in command. Dalboor is worshipped by those that find power in envy, jealousy, loathing, and hatred; he is the god of murder, pestilence, and sacrifice of life-force. He is said to help those in need of power by instructing them in the ways of rearing the undead and is especially revered by those seeking legions of undead followers to wreak havoc on the world.

Cuneflir (Que-na-fleer)
Partner of Nedenoe and Forge of Knowledge
Alignment: good
Symbol: A circle split into two halves, the bottom has a tree bearing fruit, the top half is split into two parts, with the left having strange lines (almost in a K or starburst shape) and the right having a book
Domains: knowledge, arcane, moon, wilderness
Cuneflir is the master of knowledge and finds peace in knowing all things. He is revered by those who delight in knowledge for knowledge’s sake; especially in history, including mystical arcana, religious history, as well as natural history and ecology.

Serryn (Sair-in)
Twin brother of Sefft and lord of fire and technology
Alignment: unaligned
Symbol: A diamond with the top half dark and the bottom half light
Domains: change, skill, strength, knowledge
Serryn believes that all things must have a counterpoint or the universe will be vastly unbalanced and will collapse upon itself. He is the maker of technology and is worshipped by craftsmen, including blacksmiths, carpenters, fletchers, and metalworkers. Legend has it that he was created in the god’s forge by Nedenoe herself.

Twin brother of Serryn and known as lord executioner, second in command of the underkeep
Alignment: chaotic evil
Symbol: A drop of blood
Domains: destruction, fate, madness, strife, torment
Sefft is a lover of disorganization and excess. He thrives where temptation leads one to commit acts of desperation and extremity. He takes joy in forcing mere mortals into morality plays in which they have no choice but to commit acts they themselves would find unspeakable. Sefft is worshipped by the minions of the dark and ignorant creatures of the world, especially those that employ methods such as kidnapping, slaving, ambushing, and nasty trickery.

Brother of Cuneflir and keeper of laws and faith
Alignment: lawful good
Symbol: A hammer and a square (represents a township and its laws)
Domains: civilization, freedom, justice, protection
Janter was also present at the creation event and saw the jealousy spawned in Dalboor. In an effort to protect the inhabitants of Nedenoe’s new creation, Janter immediately created laws and morality. He is said to be a powerful combatant, to have no patience for disobedience, and to punish those that do not adhere (in their heart of hearts) to the laws that he set to protect them. He is revered by all manner of law enforcement, uncorrupt royalty, and many common, law-abiding folk.

Minor Deities

Lord of Battle
Alignment: unaligned
Symbol: crossed polearms
Domains: war, justice, sun, winter
He is worshipped by mercenaries, law enforcement officials, weapon-smiths, and hunters.

Lord of Alchemy and Profit, patron goddess of the Halfling
Alignment: unaligned
Symbol: A coin with a box, a barrel, and a mug
Domains: civilization, poison, luck, trickery
She is worshipped by potion-makers, inventors, and assassins, as well as shopkeepers, tavern masters, merchants, and traveling caravaneers.

Eord (pronounced yerd)
Lord of the Forest, patron goddess of the Elves
Alignment: good
Symbol: A sheep in silhouette
Domains: wilderness, earth, freedom, fate
She is worshipped by trackers, traders, hunters, nature lovers, many farmers that hold livestock, and animal trainers.

Lord of the Mountains, patron god of the Dwarves
Alignment: unaligned
Symbol: An anvil with flames behind it
Domains: skill, winter, strength, war
He is worshipped by miners, tinkers, armour-smiths, blacksmiths, engineers, builders, as well as jewelers, jewelry-makers, and traders.

Lord of the Waterbourne
Alignment: good
Symbol: three wavy lines with a smaller circle behind it
Domains: sea, storm, luck, moon
He is worshipped by fishermen, maritime mercenaries, pirates, dock-workers, ship-builders, navigators, astronomers, and lighthouse keepers.

Lord of the Rain
Alignment: unaligned
Symbol: A sickle and a cloud
Domains: storm, civilization, freedom, winter
He is worshipped by farmers, nomads, herders, hunters, traveling caravaneers, traders, and tavern masters.

Lord of Tricksters
Alignment: unaligned
Symbol: Two coins overlapping on a shield
Domains: trickery, luck, skill, knowledge
She is embraced by thieves’ guilds, corrupt politicians and royalty, some traveling caravaneers, and whimsical jesters.

Other Deified Entities

The winged-ones are not major deities themselves, but the hand-picked servants of the major deities. They are said to have been created at the birth of the universe itself, and were sent by Time to assist the deities. Individual winged-ones swear fealty to the single deity that chooses them and they bond to that deity. Ruboryn is said to be named after the winged-one who was bonded to Nedenoe. Dalboor attacked Nedenoe and Ruboryn was killed by Sefft as he tried to assist his deity. It is common belief that Dalboor and Sefft planned the attack so that Ruboryn would be killed, knowing that Nedenoe would not choose another Winged-One and would mourn the loss of her protector forevermore.

The first Dragon in the world, Aoliatth, was created by Timon in a moment of inspiration. Pureblood Dragons believe themselves to be the direct descendants of the Dragon Queen. They often see Aoliatth as a god and worship her above all else.

There are also many minor gods worshipped by different cultures and it is not rare for a world traveler, mercenary, or adventurer to learn about a deity they have never previously heard about or worshipped.

Deities of Ruboryn

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