Shards of Trastenfen

DM'S Session 8 Recap

Here is a quick recap of session 8 – This session took place on June 8 2013

1) While approaching the moathouse the party is attacked by giant frogs (end of session 7). They then enter the moathouse
2) Waldrick walks into tower room to the west, fails to look up… giant spider drops onto his head and shoulder, bites and poisons him; spider gets killed (Luckily for Waldrick, poison is not as bad in C&C as it is in AD&D)
3) Party enters the main room across from the courtyard, gets ambushed by bandits, defeats the bandits while keeping one alive (sleep spell and then bind him up) – leader escapes
4) Waldrick and Elmo attempt to interrogate the captured bandit, who responds by saying “Why should I tell you anything? You have killed all my comrades and you will kill me when you get done.”… Waldrick tries to assure the bandit that they will let him live if he gives them information, but he doesn’t buy it, they are about to offer him some proof when…
5) Ashvact walks over to the bound man and plucks the bandit’s eye out with his dagger; bandit screams and passes out
6) Aside: I ask, “What alignment is Ashvact?” Peter and Alex answer in unison: “Neutral Good” – I say “Not Anymore!”
7) Lawful Good cleric, Ralpheo, who was in the other room at the time, walks in and asks what happened… no one admits to doing it
8) Ralpheo heals the bandit and bandages up his head
9) Party drags the bandit to the tower room where the husk of the dead spider is and place him in the room, hoping to come back later and take him to town to be arrested
10) Party finds and defeats a giant snake in one waiting room, despite the fact that Ralpheo is deathly afraid of snakes and came face to face with it
11) Since several of you have been hurt, you decide to go back to town, but need to retrieve the captured bandit first
12) Barick finds the door where you hid the bandit locked and Ashvact searches it for traps – he assures the Dwarf there are no traps, so Barick opens the door
13) Two poisoned needles fly out and slam into Barick, but luckily only do a small bit of damage and the poison doesn’t take hold (Barick is a good hardy dwarf)
14) The bandit is no longer in the room! He has escaped and the group goes back to town
15) Party rests in town for two days, all the while keeping eyes out for a one-eyed bandit (whom you never see), and then party returns to the moathouse
16) Find a giant lizard in a corner room, slay it, and find a chest of goodies (Alex haslist of chest contents)
17) Barick opens the door to another room, checks the floors and walls, but not the ceiling, walks in and a giant tick drops onto him attacks, and attaches itself to him, attempting to suck out all of his blood
18) In an attempt to kill the tick, both Ashvact and Ralpheo miss the tick but hit Barick, almost killing him
19) Finally Waldrick casts a sleep spell and puts everyone in the room to sleep
20) Party explores the rest of the upper level and finds a hidden staircase down to the cellar level
21) Party travels cautiously down the stairs, looking at the walls and the steps, asking lots of questions… get to the bottom step and don’t step off of it, instead you…
22) Ask all sorts of questions about what you can see beyond the stairs, “How big does the room look? Is there anything in it? What do the walls look like? What are they made of? What about the floor? Is it normal tile or obsidian tile (like what we found in the black chamber on the first floor? What about the air? Is it musty? How is the light?” Along with several more specific questions about what you see. Of course, what no one did was…
23) Look up at the ceiling. Waiting for the group was a nice big blob of green slime. Ralpheo decides it is safe and steps down off the last step and proceeds to have a large glop of slimy green goo fall onto his head.
24) Waldrick runs down and flips Ralpheo’s helmet off with his staff, taking half the slime with it, and Ralpheo cuts off his tunic, throwing it away
25) Waldrick notices that some of the slimy stuff got onto Ralpheo’s neck and tells Ralpheo to hold still
26) Waldrick takes his torch and tries to apply it to Ralpheo’s neck to burn off the slime, but Ralpheo doesn’t understand what is going on, so he dodges the torch… 3 times
27) Waldrick tells Barick to hold Ralpheo down and he finally burns the slime away, along with part of Ralpheo’s neck (and several HP)
28) The rest of the group stands on the stairs dumbfounded and wondering what the hell is going to happen next

It was like awesome keystone cops!!



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