Shards of Trastenfen

DM's Session 7 Recap

Session 7 Basics (I’ll expand this later) This session took place on Arpil 24 2013

1) Group travels up river and arrives outside of Pull Point

2) Along the way, Ashvact opens the chest they are delivering to the temple in Pull Point, against the wishes of Ralpheo of course

3) The group found three or four men in town to help them offload the boat and get Odran et al. to safety.

4) Party went around town and met several people, hired Spugnor (who is writing a book and is supposed to pay his patron in spell scrolls), Furnok (after losing a game of dice, and 2 gp, to him he agree to come along), and Elmo the Dunce (who asked them for chain mail and a large axe, but even though they didn’t provide it, he showed up wearing some anyway)

5) Party got to know several people in town, and Ralpheo found that Terjon is now the chief priest (official title = Canon) because Lydia, the former priest and person to whom Rapheo was supposed to deliver the chest, suddenly left town

6) Waldrick learned a couple of new spells out of a spellbook that was wrapped up in cloth inside the chest

7) Party (along with Elmo, Furnok, and Spugnor) goes to the entrance of the moathouse and we ended on a cliffhanger, with Ralpheo getting stuck to a giant frog’s tongue



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