Shards of Trastenfen

DM's Session 5 Recap

The intrepid adventuring party spent another hour or two in the temple, searching for items and trying to get an idea of the condition of the rest of the temple. Most of the rooms are filled with nothing but rubble and rotten furniture. Ashvact finds 27 silver pieces strewn around on of the rooms, along with a necklace/pendant with a stony faced man on it. In one of the dormitory style rooms, Ralpheo finds a book written in the language of Cuneflir – The Physico – and it appears to be some sort of first aid or hospital procedural book. This is a clue to the nature of the temple.

The encounter a snake sun-bathing on a crumbling wall in one of the rooms, but it slithers away rather than attacking them. They battle three large rats in another dormitory style room, in which they find another pendant, this one with the stony faced man at a distance, and a silver comb. The find five shiny pebbles, 73 silver pieces and 6 gold pieces. Six more rats were found nesting in yet another room, this one an old dining room containing 3 solid silver forks, 2 silver knives, and 7 silver spoons. Another stony faced man pendant was also found, this one with the creature at yet another differing distance.

Near the dining room, they find a pantry style room containing a pit trap – the trap was found by Ralpheo falling in it! Ralpheo feels something sharp at his back and finds the edge of a metal box poking into him. He crawls out of the pit with help from the group and Ashvact climbs down a rope into the pit. Ashvact picks the lock on the box, accidentally breaking one of his thieves’ tools, and finds quite the treasure inside the chest. This must be the cook’s stash of money because the box contains 600 gold pieces.

Soon they stumble upon a room filled with cocoons spun by the spider they recently killed. They search the room and find that one of the cocoons contains a living human! They give him some of the healing potion and he remains alive, though weak. They cut the man out of his cocoon prison and decide it might be a good time to leave the temple. They bust through the wall and get outside without having to climb through a bunch of rubble.

They go into the surrounding woods a fair bit and set up camp. The night passes uneventfully and the group has a pleasant morning. They talk to the man and find that his name is Joseph Bauer and he is from the Village of Leskin. Leskin is about a days travel away, at the base of the large hill upon which rests the temple. Joseph tells them that the temple used to be a hospital or sorts, where people would come from all over to get the healing waters of the fountain. His village used to be served by the temple and would use the fountain water to purify their wells once per generation. The temple hasn’t been active in quite some time and has recently become too dangerous for them to retrieve the purifying water. The last group sent to gather the water never returned. Joseph and his travelling partner were to try and get some of the fountain water and return to the town. The group agrees to accompany Joseph, who is still quite injured, back to his village after they are done with the temple.

They leave Joseph in the woods with a weapon and they return to the temple. They battle two giant robber flies, Barick sets the room on fire, inadvertently sending some old gold threaded clerical vestments up in flames by throwing a lit torch into the room with the flies, which he thought would be afraid of the fire. They fight and win the battle against the flies, and they find their way into a well-decorated passageway.

In the passageway they find two huge marble doors with golden handles. They also find the body of a dead woman. She looks to have been scratched up very badly by something with very sharp claws. They also find the skeleton of a human male who was apparently killed here in the distant past.

Waldrick, Ashvact, and Barick put on the stony-face man pendants and enter the room. Ralpheo stays back near the door with the three hired hands (Izera, Tolmuk, and Odran). The room is long and has a large fountain at the end of it. The fountain is recessed into the ground and there are three steps down to the fountain. Perched on the fountain is a large statue of a creature with huge wings and claws and a stony visage that resembles the one on the pendants. They approach the fountain, wary of the stone creature, and fill three small vials with water from the fountain. The fountain is almost empty, but they successfully gather three ounces of the fluid. They quickly retreat and leave the temple.

They accompany Joseph Bauer to his home village of Leskin and are greeted with lots of hospitality. The people are thankful that they rescued Joseph from certain death at the hands of the spider. The group spends the night and decides to gift one of the vials of fountain water to Joseph so that he can purify the water wells in town. He is thankful and tells the group they are always welcome in Leskin. The group then heads back to Trastenfen.

It takes two days to get back to Trastenfen from Leskin, but the group makes it with no problems. Before they get into town, they pay their hired hands – 2 gp each per day for 6 days = 12 gp each x 3 = 36 gp. When they get to Trastenfen, they part ways with the hired fishermen and return to Falco’s Tavern to tally up their findings…

4 stony-faced-man pendants (gargoyle pendants)
3 silver forks
2 silver knives
7 silver spoons
1 turquoise
1 amber
1 amber with preserved flower
1 onyx
6 gp
73 sp
1 silver comb
The Physico (Book about hospice care)
27 sp

In town, the group also went shopping and purchased 2 weeks worth of rations each. Ashvact bought 12 more high quality military arrows (5 gp for 6, so he spent 10gp), 2 100 foot spools of fishing line (2 sp per spool), and 5 torches (1 cp each).

In town, Waldrick goes to see Tolvar and sells him the gems the group found. He buys the turquoise for 50gp, the small amber for 55gp, amber with the preserved flower for 500gp, and the onyx for 70gp. Tolvar also buys the shiny pebbles for 1 sp each, totaling 5sp. Tolvar also buys the old silverware pieces for 2gp. In total, Tolvar gives the group 682 gold pieces for teh lot of gems and silverware and pebbles. Once again, Waldrick finds dealing with Tolvar unsavory because Tolvar tries to get Waldrick to promise favors and a contract when and if the Maestrum family gains control of the island trade routes.

Meanwhile, Barick takes the vial of fountain water to Garesh and give it to him. Garesh leaves town immediately to deliver the water to his friend in need.



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