Shards of Trastenfen

From the Green Tome, as written by Waldrick Maestrum
Once again safe in our upper room at Falco’s, I thought it time to take a closer look at the medallion I had obtained in the bowels of the guard house. I used my arcane resources to determine that the medallion was indeed magical. I placed it around my neck and felt that it indeed had some beneficial properties. It perhaps may even be intrinsically good or holy in nature, as our friend Ralpheo claims to see some sort of inner glow pulsing from inside its ruby center. I have enclose a sketch of the medallion at the back of this book. I will continue recording the item’s properties as they make themselves manifest.

While I was sketching the medallion by the fire of the tavern, a dwarven drama was unfolding near the bar. Barick confronted Falco about a target he found in the guardhouse. Evidently, Falco was more than a little annoyed at Barick showing it to him. We learned later that Falco had indeed helped trained militia members until having some sort of falling out. The militia in Trastenfen, it seems, is protecting other interests than the townsfolk. That night, however, Ashvact and Barick defiantly questioned Falco’s motivations. Ashvact went so far as to land a perfect bullseye with one of the darts crafted by Falco’s grandfather—without looking at the board! Ashvact is on his way to geing an exceptional archer. I am sure of it.

The next day I was able to speak with Tolvar, an administrator for the Erren family. He helped send a message to my father regarding the strange shipwrecks plauging the shores of Trastenfen. The message was sent to my home in Forlan, by way of Donir. While I sent the message, Barick took it upon himself to teach young Ralpheo how to fight. Ralpheo was not interested, but when Barick insisted and began hitting him, Ralpheo showed his grit. He punched the veteran dwarf in the face, breaking his nose. Barick seemed to relish this broken nose and, oddly, I think it went a long way to forge a friendship between the two. The two of them went to the Abbey of Straben again, this time for some healing after the fight, and spoke with Selmo, as well as a rather frightening looking priest named Horaig.

Tolvar and I were able to work out an agreement for the jewels we had found in the guardhouse. I did not negotiate like a Maestrum, but we were hard pressed to move the items and we needed money to continue our investigations into the mysteries of this town. Tolvar asked for my promise of a job with the Maestrums in exchange for a better deal on the gems. I refused. A Maestrum’s word is his lifeblood and it cannot be given easily.

Ashvact stayed outside in the shadows while we negotiated. On the way home we were followed by a grey hooded figure. We attempted to double back on the figure, but he proved too elusive. Strangely, we met up with him in Falco’s Tavern later that evening. I played the arrogant young man and bought a round for the house. I was able to somewhat befriend the gray hooded figure. In the raucousness that ensued, Flibban showed up, drank the last of my good wine, and managed to divert the figure’s attention from a conversation with Barick. The figure and I stepped outside, where I quickly put him to sleep and Ashvact tied him up. A brief interrogation revealed that his name was Volcifar. He claimed to be performing due diligence in watching us, making sure we were honorable. Ashvact followed the man to Tolvar’s office and home to his house. H even went so far as to question the man again. Volcifar claimed to be Tolvar’s brother. We all agreed that Volcifar needed a close eye kept on him in the future.

Our last night under the guardhouse revealed little more than foul vermin—13 giant rats swarming us at once. I was able to render 10 of them unconscious with one incantation. I have found certain components, combined with the a few tweaks of the base incantation to be a powerfully effective combination. I have included a component list and incantation instructions on the following page. We found some treasure among the refuse of rats nest, including an ordinary-looking ring. It is the ordinary rings that cause the most trouble in the world. I planned to take a close look at the ring at my earliest convenience.

My companions appear to be meeting quite a number of the townsfolk. Two particular merchants stand out: Pello the Fletcher and his twin brother Perk, who makes bows. They appear ordinary enough, but Ashvact insisted they were, like himself elfkind. It was around this time that I first met Garresh the Blacksmith. I was accompanied by Ralpeho. Garresh seemed disgusted by the trappings of Straben Ralpheo wore. He refused my business. It seems as though, like our friend Falco, there is more to many of the merchants in this town than meets the eye.



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