Shards of Trastenfen

a Castles & Crusades campaign

Current Situation:
It is the year 433, the year of the Forge, and the month is Thalen (the 10th month). You will begin your journey in or near the town of Trastenfen, a fishing port in the south-eastern part of a large island off the coast of Chuviel, one of the larger continents on Ruboryn. Theud Isle is covered with vegetation of all kinds and enjoys a mild climate, varying from semi-tropical warmth in the north (heated by the prevailing warm-water currents) to a more temperate and seasonal south. The island, as are all the Gormer Chain, is populated by scattered communities of humans, demi-humans, and humanoids.

Recent Past:
100 years ago, in 331, a world spanning, devastating event occurred. That event was the Plague War. Many people died in the war and ensuing plague and the world population was decimated (literally, which means that it was reduced to 10% of its original number). This is a very dangerous world. Most places have only the most basic technology.

Great swaths of wilderness that were once occupied by civilized people have returned to their wild natures. Ruboryn is in a time of great tumult. It is true that the Plague War left the world with several new kings and heroes, but the majority of areas have been struggling to fill the power vacuum left by the decimation. As a result, landholders have been battling amongst themselves to prove their power and claim rulership of contested lands. Many have grown weary of what they consider petty squabbles between the nobles and, for the first time in a century are moving away from the safety of the large cities. These brave souls are striking out toward the untamed lands and founding villages and towns, forging new trade routes, and braving the unknown territories at the edge of their kingdoms.

These small villages at the ends of civilization are true frontier towns. In the past few months there has been a steady increase in raids and pillaging by humanoid brigands. A concurrent increase in attacks by natural beasts whose living areas are being encroached upon and an increase in sightings of strange creatures make frontier life exciting and dangerous. Small pockets of civilization serve as beacons in the dangerous wilderness of the world.

Real Problems:
Many evil creatures were brought forth by the Demon Lord Curras and they still roam the world, looking for a way back home. They avoid larger population centers, but do not seem to shrink from these smaller frontier villages. Tales of strange events and weird creatures are now winding their way across the countryside. They tell of portals created by the remnants of powerful evil artifacts. Some say it is these fragments that will allow the evil creatures to escape back to their own plane, and so it calls to the creatures, bringing them forth and causing the attacks. Others maintain that the shards are attracting evil creatures to concentrate them into a powerful evil force, rather than allowing them to escape Ruboryn they may cause another war. A large portion of the population don’t believe in the existence of the artifact remnants, convinced that the Plague War is in the past and nothing remains of the devastation except to continue to rebuild.

Welcome to the Campaign:
Welcome to the Shards of Trastenfen campaign – A Castles & Crusades campaign based in the world of Ruboryn. I borrow copiously from popular modules, campaigns, and game worlds, but I always add a twist that makes the campaign unique.

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Shards of Trastenfen

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