Running Tabs in Trastenfen

Tab at Falco’s Tavern

Night’s in room: 4
Price per night: Negotiated down to 20 silver pieces per night for all 4 PCs

Meals: 4 heavy
Price per meal: 3 silver

Pale Ale: 30 (18 for the round Waldrick bought the tavern)
Price per pint: 2 copper

Lager: 8
Price per pint: 1 silver

Wine: 2 bottles, one high quality, one low quality
Price per bottle: 3 gold (high quality), 5 copper (low quality)

TOTAL TAB: 13 gold, 6 silver, 5 copper

I’m assuming you are eating rations rather than spend money on food at the tavern. I am also assuming at least a couple of drinks per night for each of you.

Tab at the Abbey of Straben

Holy Water: 2 pints
Price per pint: 25 gold pieces 2 gp finance charge, total = 54 gold

Commission orders

1. Barick put in a commission for a two-handed axe with the local smithy, Garesh. The quoted price was 40 gold pieces for a fine tempered iron axe using high quality ore from the town of Clif (located on the mainland).

2. Ashvact put in a commission for a very expensive bow from Perk the Bowyer and for some military arrows (6 for 5 gp, he ordered 1 dozen) from Pelo the Fletcher.

Last update: After session 3

Running Tabs in Trastenfen

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