Quests and Tasks

This is not an exhaustive list and it is meant to be dynamic – some of these things will be completed and some will not. Some are quick and some will take the entire campaign to achieve success (especially some of the personal goals). These are in alphabetical order, not in order of importance. If you think I have left something off, let me know and I will add it.

General Quests and Tasks

Abbey of Straben
Something seems off – what is happening here? Is it simple greed, or something more sinister?

How bad is the bandit problem? Do they still plague the local island trade routes?

Captain Kisto
Find him and you may find answers. He may have information about the strange shipwrecks that plague the Port of Trastenfen.

Caverns Under the Guardhouse – COMPLETE
Explore the caverns. Destroy the rats nest and make the area safe for the fishermen and their families.

Why hasn’t anyone seen him around lately? What does this half-orc (or his disappearance) have to do with recent events in town?

Undead Problems
Only a few zombies and ghouls were found in the caverns under the guardhouse (and vanquished) but the boy, Andy, said he sees ghosts all the time. What is going on here – where are they coming from and are they dangerous?

PC Personal and Group Goals

Come to peace with both sides of your heritage, bringing favor to both races.
Find a mentor who can help you further your education and provide support in the form of tools and traps.

Prove yourself worthy of the title ClanFather Grimhammer before you return home.
Find a way to restore honor to your family name and arrange a proper burial for your father and brother.

Find out what really happened to your father and brother.
Find out what is going on with the church in this part of the world.

Prove to your father that your beliefs about arcane lore are not a waste of time.
Find a mentor who can provide you with real arcane training so that you can master your craft and become powerful.

Quests and Tasks

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