House Rules

A note about Treasure and Experience Points:

1. All coinage treasure counts toward your XP total whether you spend it or not. The XP earned for this loot is split evenly among the party members regardless of who takes possession of the money (unless one of you finds something and doesn’t show the others).

2. Weapons, Armor, and other Usable items (e.g. magical scrolls, pieces of clothing, or spell components) in treasure that are retained by a PC and used do not count toward your XP total.

3. Valuable items in treasure that are not usable (e.g. gemstones, common weapons you choose to sell, or tapestries/statues/decorative items) count toward your XP values immediately.

Critical Hits and Fumbles

We decided, at the beginning of session 2, to include critical hits and critical fumbles in our game. Pete promptly rolled a critical fumble.

House Rules

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