Facts, Rumors, and Things Overheard

Items on this page are followed by a name in parentheses indicating the source of the rumor, fact, or overheard gossip.

The guardhouse is overrun with rats – one even bit poor Annabelle down by the docks. (Fliban)

The guards set the guardhouse on fire, and the flames were really really big! (Andy)

There are walking bones down by the guardhouse. (Little girl in fishing village)

If you want a shipment to arrive without having a shipwreck, talk to Captain Kisto. (Fliban)

Captain Kisto stays at the Tavern of the West Wind. (Fliban)

The fishermen are suffering for not offering the appropriate sacrifices to Straben. They are not pious and they should not be rescued from their plight. Their suffering is Straben’s will. (Selmo)

The Abbey has a deal with the farmers to provide us with food. (An acolyte at the rectory)

I see ghosts all the time. They are everywhere, trying to scare us! (Andy)

Grimvock killed a town guard and then that same guard was seen later that night. (Overheard rumor in town)

Facts, Rumors, and Things Overheard

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