Shards of Trastenfen

DM's Session 2 Recap

1. Waldrick, upset that he almost met his demise in the guardhouse, exhorts his companions to not foolishly run into danger. He tells the group that they need to find a group of people to help with clearing out the burned out guard station. He then rests for several hours.

2. While the mage is recovering, Ashvact goes down to the docks to find out any information possible. He finds a house with two children and an adult female inside. He surmises that the little girl is the same one heard mentioning the ‘walking bones’ and decides to try and speak to the children. When the children go down to the bank of the river to play, Ashvact speaks to them… The little girl who saw ‘walking bones’ is shy, but her brother is full of information, speaking about the large fire that engulfed the guardhouse and the ghosts he sees “all the time.”

3. Meanwhile, Barick sets out to find a blacksmith and commission a new two-handed axe for himself. He starts by telling the blacksmith, usually a dower man, that the axe he has “Just doesn’t cut it.” This makes the smith laugh and he takes an immediate liking to the dwarf. After agreeing to forge a new axe, he inquires as to why Barick is using an axe when his surname is Grim*HAMMER*. On his way back from the smithy, Barick catches Falco, the dwarven owner of the tavern, throwing darts at an expertly made dwarven target. Falco is very good. Barick decides not to divulge this information to the rest of the group.

4. Ralpheo goes to visit the abbey on the hill and try to get some holy water, and advice, regarding defeating the undead scourge. He is surprised to find that one of the adepts in the temple suggests that he not assist the fishermen who are having problems with undead. The reasoning is that the fishermen are taking the bounty of the ocean and not paying appropriate homage to Straben. This rankles Ralpheo because it goes against his philosophy and interpretation of the tenets of his faith, so he starts snooping around, finding that there is a mixed energy about the abbey – i.e. it is not all good-will and lawful intent. He also learns that the abbey has made a deal with the farmers on the other side of the river and they and the abbey personnel have forsaken the fishermen. Lastly, he learns that the abbey is making a profit from the sale of holy water, incense, and food… a large profit.

5. Once Waldrick is rested up, the group returns to the cavern under the guardhouse… without helpers. They discover more undead (ghouls again), a nest of rats (large and stinky), and a room used for target practice. Remembering the expert dart throwing of Falco, Barick takes one of the targets to ask Falco about later.

6. The group also discovers a hidden room containing a bit of treasure (in a chest expertly opened by Ashvact) and a secret passageway that leads to a secluded spot on the bank of the river directly across from one of the warehouse docks. This is a curious discovery and they decide to follow up on it later.

7. They once again return to Falco’s Tavern to rest up and discuss the situation.

(This session took place on October 28, 2012)

DM's Session 3 Recap

1. Magic Items: As this session opens, Waldrick finds that the ruby medallion the group acquired gives off a magical aura, but he is unable to determine the power level or actual effects of the piece. He then makes contact with a representative of a rival merchant family (The Arren Family) in order to get an urgent message sent to his father about the shipwrecks and threat of losing valuable goods if they are shipped in the area. He also notices that a shadowy figure in the tavern is keeping an eye on the Ashvact.

2. The Blacksmith: Ashvact explores town and attempts to find a fletcher so that he can purchase some high quality arrows. He takes Ralpheo and Waldrick to see the blacksmith, hoping that Garesh may have some advice about who to see in town about the arrows. Upon seeing an acolyte of Straben, Garesh claims to know nothing about anything in town except the jobs he is ordered to do for the church and baron. It is clear that the blacksmith doesn’t want the abbey to know about his business.

3. Ashvact’s Equipment: Ashvact eventually finds out who to see and finds a pair of craftsmen who can make him some very high quality equipment for a very high price. Ashvact commissions 12 militia grade arrows (5 gp per half-dozen) from Pelo (the fletcher) and then speaks to the fletcher’s brother (Perk), who happens to be a bowyer. After looking at the quality of the bows this man makes, Ashvact commissions a high quality bow (for 112gp!). As he is leaving, the bowyer speaks to him in Elvish. Since half-Elves, like Ahsvact, are openly scorned and discriminated against, he tries to keep his pointy ears and Elven lineage hidden. The man speaking in Elvish to him was a bit of a shock, though he tried not to let it show.

4. Barick’s Lesson for Ralpheo: Meanwhile, Barick decides that Ralpheo needs a lesson in melee combat. He tries to teach Ralpheo how to fight by inviting him down to the river and attacking him with a shovel handle. Through the interaction, Barick gains himself a broken nose, but the two have more respect for each other by the time the altercation is over. It is also very effective at giving Ralpheo an idea and he and Barick head off to the Abbey.

5. Trouble at the Abbey?: While there, Ralpheo tries to get a priest in the abbey to perform a cure disease ritual on him. he still fears that the rodent bites he received the day before have exposed him to some infectious illness. In the effort to get the services rendered for a smaller fee, Ralpheo and Barick lie to the priest, telling him that they fought a rat infestation in the forest. The priest refuses to perform the ritual unless the pair pay for the service. the standard fee is 350gp, but there is no way the dwarf will hand Ralpheo that much money to give to a priest.

During the interaction, the priest reminds Ralpheo that most acolytes provide service to the Abbey and that he could take on a paid service by delivering a package to a far off place. Barick, tired and with broken nose, grows weary of the conversation and tells Ralpheo to refuse the service task. The two of head back to Falco’s Tavern.

6. Falco’s History: Barick decides to try and let Falco know that he knows the secret about his dart throwing skill. Barick stakes the target he found under the guardhouse up on the wall of the tavern next to the regular targets and challenges Ashvact to a game. Falco hands them some very finely crafted darts. Ashvact throws the dart without even trying very hard and it flies so true that it hits the bulls-eye and goes all the way through the parchment and cork and gets lodged in the wall.

Getting no real response to the incident from Falco, Barick confronts him in the cellar. Barick accuses Falco not telling the truth about his experiences and tells him he would have expected better from a Dwarf. Falco gives Barick an earful, telling him a thing or two about how a true dwarf should act. Falco also tells Barick that he used to train the town militia but that the baron wasn’t using the militia for the right things, so he stopped. Since then, Falco hasn’t been in the good graces of the noble family and that is why the tavern hosts the slightly unsavory patrons in Trastenfen instead of the more moneyed populace. Barick is ashamed to have thought Falco dishonest and realizes that he treated Falco unfairly – the two come to terms with each other.

7. Finding a Fence: Later that afternoon, Waldrick attempts to find a fence so he can offload some of the gems the group found in the caverns under the guardhouse. He feels he is being followed, but doesn’t really see anything concrete. He schedules an after-dusk meeting with a local fence. He and Ashvact go to the meeting after nightfall and Ashvact stands watch outside while Waldrick enters the building to meet their contact.

Waldrick tries to negotiate a fair price for the gems, but the fence, a tailor named Tolvar, also happens to be a local representative of the Arren Family. He implies that he knows the Maestrum family is planning a take-over of the Theud Island trading route and requests that he be given a special dispensation after the take-over. Waldrick tells Tolvar he is meeting him not as a member of the Maestrum Family, but as an individual, but the man doesn’t believe it. Since Waldrick will not commit to giving tolvar a position in the Maestrum family, he undervalues the gems that Waldrick is selling. The final offer he proposes to Waldrick is a value far below the estimated value of the gems (as per Barick’s estimation). In the end, Waldrick accepts the low offer, believing he can do no better without compromising his morals and making promises he will not be able to keep. The final sale nets Waldrick 624 electrum pieces (value = 312 gp).

8. A Shadowy Stalker: After the transaction is complete, Waldrick and Ashvact start back to Falco’s and find they are being followed. They attempt to outsmart the stalker and double back on him. They can’t see him, but are reasonably sure he is in a stand of trees just off the bridge. Waldrick tries to give Ashvact some hand signals, telling him to wait there until Waldrick returns with the group. Ahsvact misunderstands the signals and leaves after he can’t find the person trailing them. As they quickly exit Falco’s, Barick, Ralpheo, and Waldrick are stunned to find Ashvact walking up to the tavern when he should be at the last place they sensed the stalker. By the time they get back to the last place they saw him, they can’t find anything.

9. The Drinken Ruse: Later, at the tavern, Waldrick decides that the shadowy man in the corner must have been the one following them and he decides to play drunk and try to get the man into a conversation. he loudly proclaims his love and luck with gambling and offers to buy the man a drink. He fumbles around and doesn’t accomplish as much as he wants but, amazingly, the pompous mage he met several days ago, Fliban, comes to his rescue.

Eventually Waldrick’s antics convince the shadowy man to accompany him outside. Once there, Waldrick casts sleep on the man. The group binds him and proceeds to try and take him across the bridge to a more secluded area, but the man wakes up during transit. During the scuffle, cooler heads prevail and they realize it would be better to try talking to the man to find out what he knows. They find he has some good advice about the town and that he only took interest in Ashvact because he recognized certain… talents. The man, who identifies himself as Volcifar, didn’t want Ashvact to be recruited by the corrupt faction that runs the town (he fails to name the faction outright). They let Volcifar go and return to the tavern to sleep.

Ashvact trails the man to his home and knocks on the door. He is let in by a woman who turns out to be Volcifar’s wife. He is invited to sit down and eat with Volcifar and he accepts the offer. The stew made by Volcifar’s wife tastes disgusting to Ashvact, but he politely eats some while talking with Volcifar. In the end, he doesn’t get any more information from the man, and leaves to return to Falco’s.

10. Return to the Caverns: After a few hours rest, the group goes back into the caverns below the guardhouse to finish their exploration. The rid the rest of the place of rats, stumble upon some coins and a ring, and then find a couple of hidden entrances and exits to and from the caverns. Ralpheo and Ashvact both get bit by rats during this foray and are now worried that they have contracted a disease. As they travel back to Falco’s they wonder how long it has been since the place caverns have been used by intelligent people.

(This session took place on November 23, 2012)

DM's Session 4 Recap Part I

1. The Discussion: The group settles down at Falco’s to have a discussion about what they should do next. They have explored much of the town and met several people, leading to a discussion about who they should trust, especially if they are going to be splitting up and doing things alone or in pairs. An interesting twist was that they all had different ideas about whom to trust. Waldrick was curious about some townsfolk, but didn’t really indicate who he trusts wholeheartedly. Ashvact thinks almost everyone they have met is extremely trustworthy. He trusts Falco, Perk the bowyer, and even Volcifar the fisher. Ralpheo is so paranoid about what he perceives as corruption in the church, that he trusts no one. Barick doesn’t even really trust Falco, but admits that he has helped the group. The final consensus… trust no one.

2. Peerday Worship: Peerday is the traditional day of worship and celebration in Ruboryn. The church of Straben has an intricately ritualistic service that the worshipers attend. It begins with a 15 to 20 minute Initiation ceremony performed by the ranking member of the church in attendance. Then, it goes through several phases of officer led ritual interspersed with parishioner participation segments (these are called the Phases, as in the phases of proper worship). The Phases are highly stereotyped and ritualistic, performed the same way and with the same basic script at every temple that provides full services to Straben. Anyone young or new gets taken to a separate room or building to learn the rituals and ceremony so that they do not interrupt or corrupt the worship of the entire abbey. The Phases are followed by a 15-20 minute closing segment called the Release ceremony, which fulfills the duty of the parishioners and the officers of the church and ends the service.

During the Phases (that is, after the Initiation, but before the Release) worshipers are pulled out of the pews by any officer of the church of acolyte status or higher and taken to a private room to preform what is called the Ordeal. The Ordeal is a type of confessional, except the servitor and the parishioner are face to face, without an obscured screen between them. Also, the Ordeal is conducted as more of an informal conversation between the servitor and the parishioner, in which the servitor asks the parishioner how they have served Straben. Unlike a confessional where one tells of the sinful things one has done and asks for absolution, the Ordeal asks one to explain what one has done to honor their deity lately. In small townships this is even less formal and includes asking after each other’s families and home life, and the parishioner asks the servitor as much as the servitor asks the parishioner. It began as a way for the church officials to stay connected to the day to day lives of the parishioners, but in larger areas and in more strict parishes, it is often used as a way to check up on ones who may be seen to stray from the true path.

3. Ralpheo conducts the Ordeal: Ralpheo decides to attend services at the abbey and conducts the Ordeal for three parishioners, Dirril, Gomid, and Verely.

Dirril is a farmer who is extremely happy with his place in the town and finds the church helpful and just. He is a pious man who feels he and his family have earned the favor of the church, even if they do not make their living from the sea itself, as the fishermen do. Dirril is a likable fellow and seems as honest as they come.

Gomid is a fisherman who’s family has fallen on hard times. Even so, he seems relatively upbeat, explaining how the catch is not as good in recent months and there are lots of dangerous shipwrecks. He explains that Straben must be angry and that he and his brothers, who now fish together since two of their boats were wrecked, are doing everything they can to regain the good graces of Straben, Lord of the Sea and Master of Waves. He invites Ralpheo to the fishtown celebration that will take place that evening. When Ralpheo accepts, Gomid gets very excited and happy, and explains that no one from the abbey has accepted their offer of celebration attendance in several months. This must be a good sign, the tide is turning, and Straben is willing to see and hear the acclaim those in fishtown have for him. Ralpheo finds it strange, but no stranger than anything else he has heard about at the abbey. Why would the abbey officials refuse an invitation to the fishtown celebrations?

Verely is a wealthy merchant who, none-the-less, doesn’t seem arrogant during the Ordeal, He tells of the vast holding he has and how Straben has smiled upon him and his family. He tells Ralpheo that he owns 2 warehouses in town and that he lets the fishermen use one of them as a drydock, for free, whenever they need to repair their ships. By all accounts, the merchant is pleasant, but not too friendly, and seems to follow the path of Straben. Ralpheo concludes that he is a perfectly fine citizen who has a bit more money than everyone else. The use of the warehouse doesn’t sound as altruistic to Ralpheo’s ears as Verely probably wants it to, but there is no crime in making money…

4. Magic Items: Waldrick has become used to searching for magical auras and hidden powers in the things the group collects. As such, he goes out to a relatively secluded place and tries to figure out if there is anything special about the ornate dagger, the ugly brooch with the rusty pin, the throwing knife, and the ring. The dagger and throwing knife seem to be mundane and utilitarian, with no magical aura about them. The brooch gives off a moderate level of magic, indicating it may have had a spell cast upon it at one time, and the energy of that spell is fading. The ring elicits an overwhelming magical aura, indicating that the ring itself has magical properties imbued into it. Once again, however, Waldrick is unable to determine the exact nature of the power the item holds.

5. Ashvact and the Guard: In the morning, during worship hours, Ashvact decides to investigate the warehouses across the lake from fishtown. He finds that only one guard is patrolling the area. As he cases the place he stumbles across the rest of the guard team, which consists of two large dogs. The dogs alert the guard and Ashvact begins a conversation with him, trying to find out as much information as possible about the place. He finds that the guard is paid highly by the owner of the warehouse and that the general area around there is flush with money. The guard doesn’t much seem to like the church, but he doesn’t mind getting the extra pay while everyone is worshiping. The guard provides little in the way of information, but the exchange tells Ashvact all he needs to know about the patrols (infrequent), the guards (very few, but paid by the Baron), and the militia (every male at least 13 years of age is trained in the standing militia, but it doesn’t patrol). He also finds out that the guard believes that Falco’s is run by a couple of assassins. Ashvact pushes for more information, but as soon as the guard gets suspicious of Ashvact asking so many questions, Ashvact high-tails it out of the area.

6. Barick and the Axe: After spending the morning relaxing, talking to Falco and Gap, and drinking a few pints in the name of Fallow, Barick disappears to perform a personal ritual down on the shore by where the ship carrying his father and brother went down. In the early afternoon he pays a visit to Garesh to retrieve and pay for his new axe. He is told it won’t be ready for several hours, because the ship just came in. He returns later and finally gets to swing the axe around. He gives the new axe a name: Brok Balor.

7. Taking a Walk: Waldrick, pondering the events in town this past week, takes an absent-minded walk. He heads across the bridge and along the road north, out of town. A few hundred feet past the northern guardhouse, he finds the body of a young male human. Upon searching the body, he finds a note hidden in the slit of the man’s belt. Assuming that whoever killed the victim must have taken all of his other possessions and missed the note,* Waldrick* hides the note. He quickly runs over to the guardhouse and alerts them to what he has found. After a few minutes of frantically describing what he saw, two guards assess the situation. It soon becomes clear that the guards think Waldrick killed the man, or had him killed, and needed help getting rid of the body. The head guardsman even asks Waldrick if the “young punk” owed him money. The conversation gives Waldrick the impression that this sort of thing happens often and that the guards help the more moneyed people in town clean up after this sort of behavior frequently. Waldrick leaves as soon as he can and heads back to Falco’s.

When he gets back to the room at Falco’s, Waldrick reads the note. At first it appears to be written in a strange language, but as Waldrick looks at it, the letters resolve into something more mundane and he can read the script, which is in Elvish. The letter says: “Pelltar, it is as we feared! Power is being drawn from the ground here, but it is concealed and I have not been able to locate it. Weel and I are going further into the ruin. I pray that Straben and Eord protect us. If we do not return, you know what to do. In loyalty, Gren.”

Later, Waldrick seeks out Fliban (at his own home) and asks him about Pelltar and the ruins near town. Fliban doesn’t tell him much, but does indicate that the ruins are several miles away, mostly along the road, and near a place called Pale Hill.

8. The Caravan Arrives: In the early evening of Peerday a trading caravan arrives, bringing goods and news from afar. The caravan brings news of trouble on the road, which quickly makes its way throughout town and into Falco’s tavern. Raids along the road between Trastenfen and Pinewald have been a common occurrence for several months, perhaps years. The caravaneers also talk of the trouble at Pinewald, a small thorp a few miles north of Trastenfen, near the base of Foothold Mountain. Pinewald has been experiencing goblin raids of late and are attempting to re-build an old abandoned keep so that the residents will have refuge against the goblin onslaught. They mention that the town council of Pinewald is offering good pay for able-bodied men willing to help rebuild the keep, which is now rumored to be haunted.

9. The Gambling Man: While sitting in Falco’s listening to gossip, a man comes in looking for Waldrick. He says that he represents his boss, Bradbert Crandel, who owns an invitation-only gambling establishment a couple of miles away from Trastenfen. Mr. Crandel would like to extend an invitation to one Waldrick Maestrum, renowned local gambler and man if fine taste, and any colleagues that he may choose to bring with him. Waldrick declines the invitation, but tells the man he will think about it and get back to him. The invitation apparently has an expiration date, and is also apparently rare – usually an invitation to Crandel’s Den is reserved for nobles and very wealthy men.

10. A Letter from the Abbey: While relaxing at Falco’s, a messenger comes in and brings a message to Ralpheo. The messenger waits patiently for Ralpheo to tip him, but Ralpheo is so wrapped up in reading the note that Waldrick has to pull a silver piece out of his pocket and pay the young messenger, who quickly exits the tavern. The note reads, “Acolyte and Servant of Straben, Ralpheo, Upon your inquiry I have searched the sacred library in the west chamber of the fine abbey and found a text which thusly speaks to your dilemma. It is an old, pre-evisceration treatise on the evils of raising the departed without the soul intact. The scribe has said, “Use sliver on the weapons be to reduce the necromancer’s deed.” And is signed ~xx Almon – A friend at the Abbey xx ~

(this session took place on December 15, 2012)

DM's Session 4 Recap Part II

11. Garesh Asks a Favor: That same afternoon, Garesh comes to Falco’s seeking Barick. He tells Barick that he needs his help to assist a good friend of his. Apparently a man who trained with the same mentor as Garesh lives up north and has sent a letter to Garesh seeking help. The man’s wife was died a couple of years ago and he was left raising their only child, a young daughter. Recently, the daughter became ill and nothing the priests, herbalists, or shaman could do has helped the girl. The man is convinced that water from an old well can help. The well is in an abandoned temple to Cuneflir that sits on a hill near the High Glade. Garesh asks Barick to retrieve some water from the temple well and bring it to him so that he can help his friend cure the young girl.

12. Ralpheo at the Fishtown Celebration: Ralpheo attends the celebration in Fishtown that evening. It is a fine party, without too much debauchery, and mostly just a nice gathering of people who are trying their best to get back in the good graces of Straben. While there, Ralpheo hears three stories that are of particular interest.

A middle aged man who had a bit too much to drink tells a story of traveling along the north road, accompanying some friends on their way from Pinewald to Trastenfen. Suddenly the group was ambushed and two of their number were taken into the Hollow Forest. The rest of them fled and survived, but the man has been upset about the incident since it happened 2 weeks ago. No one will help him retrieve his friends. He does appear quite broken up about the situation, but he also appears to have drunk a little too much this evening.

The second story comes from a young man who rushes into the celebration a bit later than the rest of the group. He tells of just having his wits scared out of him at the old Miller House. Asking a few well placed questions, Ralpheo learns that the Old Miller House is an abandoned manor 4 miles from town along the coast between the Kelman Woods and the Great Cliff.

The final story is more a word of warning than an actual story. One of the fishermen warns Ralpheo against exploring Goat Hill, the hill above the local farms, because the trouble there. Apparently the hill offers a great view, but several farmers have been attacked by ugly, hairy creatures. The herders no longer take their goats and sheep up on the hill.

13. Decisions, Decisions : Finding out about so many new events and hearing so many new pieces of information around town proves to be a less than ideal situation. The list of things to explore is getting bigger and bigger and the group tries to figure the best way to take care of everything. As they discuss the issues, two top choices seem to rise to the surface. Waldrick is convinced that the ruins on Pale Hill will provide lots of information and perhaps some resolution to some issues in town, most specifically the trouble with ghouls and zombies in the burned out guardhouse. Barick is convinced that the best course of action is to help Garesh retrieve water from the temple fountain.

At first, Ralpheo and Ashvact both think Waldrick is on the right track because the burned guardhouse and un-dead menace found there is a major cause of concern and seems connected to the shipwrecks, the warehouses, the troubles in fishtown, and the strange behavior by some at the abbey. When it becomes clear that the ruins on Pale Hill are far enough away that the group would need to acquire horses, they set about discussing how to get them. When Waldrick suggests that the only way to accomplish the task is to ‘borrow’ some of the caravan horses, Ralpheo refuses. Ralpheo then proceeds to try and convince Ashvact that they should go with Barick’s plan to help Garesh. The argument turns easily and Waldrick’s plan is outvoted, so the group gets set to travel out to the temple fountain.

14. Ralpheo’s visit with Almon: Once they have decided what they are doing next, Ralpheo goes back to the Abbey to seek out Almon. He wants to get a handle on the strange note before leaving town for a few days. He goes to the abbey and finds that Almon is a very high level Curate of Straben. He takes Ralpheo outside and speaks to him like a fatherly mentor. He gives him advice about dealing with people in the church and hints that he shouldn’t judge the priests too harshly here, and also hints that he himself is trying to change the way certain services are provided. Almon treats Ralpheo the way Ralpheo expected to be treated by everyone in the order when he arrived. Finally meeting someone who can speak to him as a true leader in the church lightens Ralpheo’s heart and he leaves Almon, thanking him for the advice, and walks back to Falco’s with a smile on his face and a bounce in his step. His faith in the Abbey has been restored.

15. Ashvact gets his Equipment: As Ralpheo tends to the note from Almon, Ashvact goes to see Pelo and Perk in an attempt to get his new gear. After a few practice shots and payment, Ashvact gets his new arrows and is told to come back in the morning for his bow because it needs some adjustments. Ashvact agrees and gets the bow the next morning before the group heads to the temple fountain.

16. An Evening in the Hills: The group leaves early that morning and travels for 12 or 14 hours before calling it a day. The first mile and a half is taken along the road, and is relatively easy, but as soon as they leave the road and head into the rocky hills, traveling slows to a crawl. The find a place to rest just on the lee side of one of the Fourtop hills. They set a watch and settle down for the night, only dousing their fire after the first watch.

In the early morning hours, during the last half of Ralpheo’s watch, the group is ambushed. four large, hairy beasts are upon the group before Ralpheo can shout a proper warning and the rest can shake the sleep from their eyes. The beasts are 7 feet tall, have bodies completely covered in coarse hair of grey or brown or yellow, and have snouts shaped like coyotes or hyenas!

These are gnolls and match the description of the beasts that roam Goat Hill, but the Fourtop hills are far from Goat hill! Waldrick’s mind races as he searches his memory for stories about such creatures, trying to remember any weakness they may have. All he can come up with is that they are vicious pack animals and they don;t take prisoners. He knows the group may be in trouble. The battle is quick, and the group puts up a valiant fight. The jackal-like gnolls are deadly and they wreak havoc on the group, dropping Ashvact and Waldrick both to the ground in the first few minutes. Eventually Ralpheo goes down as well, Ashvact tries to crawl away, and Waldrick fades in and out of consciousness, stabbing at the heels of the tall beasts standing over him as they attack Barick. The group defeats two of the creatures, but the final two are formidable still.

As he feels himself starting to fade out again, Waldrick focuses all his concentration and tries to bring as much force into his mind as possible, conjuring a spell from memory, he gasps out the verbal component and tries to complete the somatic arm movements to important to the arcane arts… As he fades out, he casts a cloud of sleep over the group, hoping it will leave Barick standing alone amongst sleeping dogs.

As Barick is about to make his final stand among the beasts, one of the hairy monsters falls to the ground, taken by the arcane focus of what may be Waldrick’s final action. Barick finds his mind traveling back through the tales of his family to the incarnation of the Grimhammer Clanfather who gave birth and life to his people. With his dying swing, Barick focuses his mind on the power of the clan and calls upon the all-father to guide his axe. As he swings, a great peal of thunder shakes the air and a flash of lightning arcs through the air, enveloping Barick, his axe Brok Balor, and the last standing hyena-man. the axe cleaves through the gnoll, killing it in a single blow, and Barick falls to the ground, exhausted beyond thought.

Ralpheo lays on the ground, breathing heavily and blinking, unsure of what he has seen. All he knows is that he is alive and he needs to help his friends. He cleans and bandages wounds, using his healing prayers on all he can. The group is heavily injured and they decide to travel back to Trastenfen to convalesce. It is too unsafe with the rest of the pack of gnolls about the hills. they rest as much as they can and then travel all day and finally reach Trastenfen in the wee hours of the morning of the next day.

17. Hiring Some Help: After the calamitous ambush that almost resulted in their deaths, the group decides they may need to hire some help after all. They hadn’t discussed this option since they first started working together, but now seems an appropriate time to talk about all their options. Waldrick and Barick ask Falco if he knows of any trustworthy swords for hire and Falco sets up an interview for that evening.

That night the group meets Izera, Tolmuk, and Odran, three men from fishtown who need the money and have a slight bit of experience with a sword. They are all part of the standing militia and so have had basic training. Izera speaks for the men and negotiates a wage of 2 gold pieces per day plus a 20% share of any loot value the group recovers on the mission. They also request that the party purchases any equipment needed by the three to round out their supplies. They are a realistic, if gritty bunch, and are afraid they won’t come back from the mission alive. as a result, they request that the group pay 10 gold to each of their families up front, before they leave the next morning. Waldrick accompanies each man to his home in fishtown and pays the families 10 gold each, sealing the deal with the three hired men.

18. Obtaining Potions: Meanwhile, Ashvact goes to retrieve a set of healing salves and potions from a mysterious contact, Almax. Earlier that day, Fliban had suggested to Waldrick that he seek her out if the group needed any discrete help. The abbey charges far too much for a simple healing potion and Ralpheo could not negotiate a better price, so the group had little choice than to go speak to Almax.

She sent them to gather some ginseng root and blackthorn leaves, which they gathered near the local orchards and returned to her. She told them to come back after cover of dark and retrieve the potions. While Waldrick and Barick were interviewing the hired swords, Almax provided Ashvact with 4 vials of healing potion. For payment she simply stated, “You owe me a favor. I have found the terms to always be just when fate comes around to collect on a favor.”

The group used purified water to dilute the two concentrated potions, creating a total of 6 potions of cure light wounds. The group is happy with the terms, but wonder what will happen when they actually have to pay the woman back.

19. In the Temple Ruins: The next morning the group and their hired swords set out for the temple fountain. The group makes it all the way to the Fourtop hills, find a camp well away from the ambush site, and set up camp for the night. This night passes without trouble and the group moves on the next day. they reach the edge of the High Glade forest by the early afternoon and decide to camp again and seek the temple again in the morning.

The next morning brings luck as Ashvact climbs high into the canopy and sees the dome of a large temple approximately one half mile away. the group quickly closes the distance between themselves and the domed structure, coming upon the abandoned temple by noon.

Before them they see a huge structure made of cut blocks of stone, mortared together. The outer walls were very thick (almost 2/3 meter; 2 feet) and the walls were double layered with a thinner inner wall (1/3 meter thick; 1 foot). The huge structure stands up to 7 meters (21 feet) high at some places, though the old building is dilapidated and several regions are full of rubble.

Ashvact moves around the entire perimeter to ensure that it is safe and most of the group enters the temple while Waldrick and Tolmuk keep watch from outside. After the thirty fool entry hall, the temple open out into a much larger room, at the center of which stands a huge statue of a human male with a bull’s head. As they approach, Ashvact sees a body laying at the base of the statue. He turns the body over and discovers a man with a severe gash in his chest. Inspection of the statue brings to light the reality that the axe the statue holds is not part of the stone and it has what looks like relatively fresh blood on the blade.

The starts getting restless and decides to investigate other rooms before they come back to look at the statue more. They find a room full of rubble and detritus, and the remnants of several single beds. Also in the room are several giant centipedes, which the group dispatches quickly.

Several more rooms are investigated, in which mostly rubble is found. They then turn down a hall and run into an avalanche of rubble that splits the group. The group of the far side interrupt a fight between a giant bee and two large red beetles. As the beetles become aware of the humans, they turn their attention to them and forget the bee. The bee lives to fight another day and flies off, unscathed. The beetles, however, are attracted to the human (Odran) standing in the doorway and one attacks him.

A battle ensues in which half the group tries to defeat a large beetle with a very tough carapace and a crushing bite, while the other group scrambles to find another way into the hall to assist their comrades. Barick directs the three hired men into position and encourages them to be brave in the face of the beasts. Eventually the second group makes it over to the area of the fight, but not before Odran has taken a devastating blow and Barick and Ralpheo are in dire trouble.

Waldrick stands back, keeping watch, and happens to notice the faintest of movements about 3 meters behind him. As he pays closer attention he realizes, with horror, that he is staring into the face of a giant spider sitting in its hammock-like web attached to the ceiling. He thinks fast and casts sleep on the spider, knocking it out. He then sends Ashvact to fully dispatch the beast. As Ashvact stabs the life out of the creature, a slimy green fluid drips onto him from the carcass of the spider and his entire left side is covered with the gunk. On the places where his skin was exposed he feels a slight stinging sensation and quickly opens his waterskin and douses himself with it. He washes off 80% of the fluid and moves over to help with the beetle. The group manages to kill one of the beetles and retreat to a safer place. Odran is given a potion by Waldrick, though he doesn’t remember what happened to take him down.

Thus ends session 4.

(this session took place on December 15, 2012)

DM's Session 5 Recap

The intrepid adventuring party spent another hour or two in the temple, searching for items and trying to get an idea of the condition of the rest of the temple. Most of the rooms are filled with nothing but rubble and rotten furniture. Ashvact finds 27 silver pieces strewn around on of the rooms, along with a necklace/pendant with a stony faced man on it. In one of the dormitory style rooms, Ralpheo finds a book written in the language of Cuneflir – The Physico – and it appears to be some sort of first aid or hospital procedural book. This is a clue to the nature of the temple.

The encounter a snake sun-bathing on a crumbling wall in one of the rooms, but it slithers away rather than attacking them. They battle three large rats in another dormitory style room, in which they find another pendant, this one with the stony faced man at a distance, and a silver comb. The find five shiny pebbles, 73 silver pieces and 6 gold pieces. Six more rats were found nesting in yet another room, this one an old dining room containing 3 solid silver forks, 2 silver knives, and 7 silver spoons. Another stony faced man pendant was also found, this one with the creature at yet another differing distance.

Near the dining room, they find a pantry style room containing a pit trap – the trap was found by Ralpheo falling in it! Ralpheo feels something sharp at his back and finds the edge of a metal box poking into him. He crawls out of the pit with help from the group and Ashvact climbs down a rope into the pit. Ashvact picks the lock on the box, accidentally breaking one of his thieves’ tools, and finds quite the treasure inside the chest. This must be the cook’s stash of money because the box contains 600 gold pieces.

Soon they stumble upon a room filled with cocoons spun by the spider they recently killed. They search the room and find that one of the cocoons contains a living human! They give him some of the healing potion and he remains alive, though weak. They cut the man out of his cocoon prison and decide it might be a good time to leave the temple. They bust through the wall and get outside without having to climb through a bunch of rubble.

They go into the surrounding woods a fair bit and set up camp. The night passes uneventfully and the group has a pleasant morning. They talk to the man and find that his name is Joseph Bauer and he is from the Village of Leskin. Leskin is about a days travel away, at the base of the large hill upon which rests the temple. Joseph tells them that the temple used to be a hospital or sorts, where people would come from all over to get the healing waters of the fountain. His village used to be served by the temple and would use the fountain water to purify their wells once per generation. The temple hasn’t been active in quite some time and has recently become too dangerous for them to retrieve the purifying water. The last group sent to gather the water never returned. Joseph and his travelling partner were to try and get some of the fountain water and return to the town. The group agrees to accompany Joseph, who is still quite injured, back to his village after they are done with the temple.

They leave Joseph in the woods with a weapon and they return to the temple. They battle two giant robber flies, Barick sets the room on fire, inadvertently sending some old gold threaded clerical vestments up in flames by throwing a lit torch into the room with the flies, which he thought would be afraid of the fire. They fight and win the battle against the flies, and they find their way into a well-decorated passageway.

In the passageway they find two huge marble doors with golden handles. They also find the body of a dead woman. She looks to have been scratched up very badly by something with very sharp claws. They also find the skeleton of a human male who was apparently killed here in the distant past.

Waldrick, Ashvact, and Barick put on the stony-face man pendants and enter the room. Ralpheo stays back near the door with the three hired hands (Izera, Tolmuk, and Odran). The room is long and has a large fountain at the end of it. The fountain is recessed into the ground and there are three steps down to the fountain. Perched on the fountain is a large statue of a creature with huge wings and claws and a stony visage that resembles the one on the pendants. They approach the fountain, wary of the stone creature, and fill three small vials with water from the fountain. The fountain is almost empty, but they successfully gather three ounces of the fluid. They quickly retreat and leave the temple.

They accompany Joseph Bauer to his home village of Leskin and are greeted with lots of hospitality. The people are thankful that they rescued Joseph from certain death at the hands of the spider. The group spends the night and decides to gift one of the vials of fountain water to Joseph so that he can purify the water wells in town. He is thankful and tells the group they are always welcome in Leskin. The group then heads back to Trastenfen.

It takes two days to get back to Trastenfen from Leskin, but the group makes it with no problems. Before they get into town, they pay their hired hands – 2 gp each per day for 6 days = 12 gp each x 3 = 36 gp. When they get to Trastenfen, they part ways with the hired fishermen and return to Falco’s Tavern to tally up their findings…

4 stony-faced-man pendants (gargoyle pendants)
3 silver forks
2 silver knives
7 silver spoons
1 turquoise
1 amber
1 amber with preserved flower
1 onyx
6 gp
73 sp
1 silver comb
The Physico (Book about hospice care)
27 sp

In town, the group also went shopping and purchased 2 weeks worth of rations each. Ashvact bought 12 more high quality military arrows (5 gp for 6, so he spent 10gp), 2 100 foot spools of fishing line (2 sp per spool), and 5 torches (1 cp each).

In town, Waldrick goes to see Tolvar and sells him the gems the group found. He buys the turquoise for 50gp, the small amber for 55gp, amber with the preserved flower for 500gp, and the onyx for 70gp. Tolvar also buys the shiny pebbles for 1 sp each, totaling 5sp. Tolvar also buys the old silverware pieces for 2gp. In total, Tolvar gives the group 682 gold pieces for teh lot of gems and silverware and pebbles. Once again, Waldrick finds dealing with Tolvar unsavory because Tolvar tries to get Waldrick to promise favors and a contract when and if the Maestrum family gains control of the island trade routes.

Meanwhile, Barick takes the vial of fountain water to Garesh and give it to him. Garesh leaves town immediately to deliver the water to his friend in need.


Updated October 31, 2012

Session 1: September 15, 2012
gametime: 433-10-3-1 (year 433, month 10, week 3, day 1, Dryday)

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Session 3: November 25, 2012
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Session 4: December 15, 2012
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Session 5: January 20, 2013
gametime: 433-10-4-4 (year 433, month 10, week 4, day 4, Kerday)
gametime: 433-10-4-5 (year 433, month 10, week 4, day 5, Peerday)
gametime: 433-10-4-6 (year 433, month 10, week 4, day 6, Aftday)
gametime: 433-10-4-7 (year 433, month 10, week 4, day 7, Cirsday)
gametime: 433-10-5-1 (year 433, month 10, week 5, day 1, Dryday)
gametime: 433-10-5-2 (year 433, month 10, week 5, day 2, Longday)

Session 6: March 3, 2013
gametime: 433-10-5-2 (year 433, month 10, week 5, day 2, Longday)

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Session 9: Tentative for July 20, 2013


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