Shards of Trastenfen

DM's Session 2 Recap

1. Waldrick, upset that he almost met his demise in the guardhouse, exhorts his companions to not foolishly run into danger. He tells the group that they need to find a group of people to help with clearing out the burned out guard station. He then rests for several hours.

2. While the mage is recovering, Ashvact goes down to the docks to find out any information possible. He finds a house with two children and an adult female inside. He surmises that the little girl is the same one heard mentioning the ‘walking bones’ and decides to try and speak to the children. When the children go down to the bank of the river to play, Ashvact speaks to them… The little girl who saw ‘walking bones’ is shy, but her brother is full of information, speaking about the large fire that engulfed the guardhouse and the ghosts he sees “all the time.”

3. Meanwhile, Barick sets out to find a blacksmith and commission a new two-handed axe for himself. He starts by telling the blacksmith, usually a dower man, that the axe he has “Just doesn’t cut it.” This makes the smith laugh and he takes an immediate liking to the dwarf. After agreeing to forge a new axe, he inquires as to why Barick is using an axe when his surname is Grim*HAMMER*. On his way back from the smithy, Barick catches Falco, the dwarven owner of the tavern, throwing darts at an expertly made dwarven target. Falco is very good. Barick decides not to divulge this information to the rest of the group.

4. Ralpheo goes to visit the abbey on the hill and try to get some holy water, and advice, regarding defeating the undead scourge. He is surprised to find that one of the adepts in the temple suggests that he not assist the fishermen who are having problems with undead. The reasoning is that the fishermen are taking the bounty of the ocean and not paying appropriate homage to Straben. This rankles Ralpheo because it goes against his philosophy and interpretation of the tenets of his faith, so he starts snooping around, finding that there is a mixed energy about the abbey – i.e. it is not all good-will and lawful intent. He also learns that the abbey has made a deal with the farmers on the other side of the river and they and the abbey personnel have forsaken the fishermen. Lastly, he learns that the abbey is making a profit from the sale of holy water, incense, and food… a large profit.

5. Once Waldrick is rested up, the group returns to the cavern under the guardhouse… without helpers. They discover more undead (ghouls again), a nest of rats (large and stinky), and a room used for target practice. Remembering the expert dart throwing of Falco, Barick takes one of the targets to ask Falco about later.

6. The group also discovers a hidden room containing a bit of treasure (in a chest expertly opened by Ashvact) and a secret passageway that leads to a secluded spot on the bank of the river directly across from one of the warehouse docks. This is a curious discovery and they decide to follow up on it later.

7. They once again return to Falco’s Tavern to rest up and discuss the situation.

(This session took place on October 28, 2012)



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