Shards of Trastenfen

From The Green Tome, as written by Waldrick Maestrum
I advised my companions to obtain additional swordsmen if we were to go back into the depths of the dungeon below the guardhouse. My wounds were too severe to take this task on myself. I trusted Ashvact with the task before falling into the deepest of sleeps. He had done nothing of the kind when I awoke, much to my consternation.

That is not to say my companions were idle while I slept. Ralpheo took my advice and paid a visit to his fellow followers of Straben at the abbey on the hill. He was able to obtain holy water from them, but I feared that what he learned there was taking us into the black heart of Trastenfen. An adept at the abbey made the suggestion that Ralpheo give no aid to the fishermen being haunted by the foul creatures of the guardhouse. The adwpt suggested the fishermen were not paying the proper respect to Straben. The young cleric was understandably shaken by these revelations, even more so when he found they were making money on the sale of holy water and that they had some sort of arrangement with the farmers of the town.

Barick had realized that his current axe was not fit for a dwarf. He paid a visit to the blacksmith, telling the blacksmith that the axe “just doesn’t cut it.” To this day, I do not know if the joke was intentional or not. At that point in my quest, I was unsure whether a dwarf could even make a joke. The blacksmith joked that Barick Grimmhammer should, naturally, have a hammer. Barick would not hear of it, though, and insisted on an axe.

Ashvact did go down to the docks, but rather than looking for extra help, he searched for information. He spoke to two children, a boy and a girl. The girl seems to be the one Barick overheard talking about “walking bones.” The girl was shy, but the boy told Ashvact of the guardhouse fire and ghosts he often sees.

That night we were again in the depths of the guardhouse. We were able to find some hidden areas on this night. Ashvact showed his skill at opening locks on an old treasure chest we found. We also found a secret passageway leading to the bank of the river, directly across the river from a warehouse dock. We fought more creatures this night, including some particularly large rats infesting the lower reaches of the guardhouse. I came back to our room in Falco’s wondering what is the more dangerous: the ghouls below the guardhouse or the people of Trastenfen.



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